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Is there an Efficient way to use TweenLite in AS3

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I have banner deadlines and thanks to AS3, I'm have to run all around back and forth back and forth comment, uncomment, comment, uncomment, I'm even having to unethically delete objects temporarily from my files so the stupid compiler doesn't find them.


What happened to the good old days of comment out function...DONE.


Is there a way to use AS3 that's not a complete...[fill in the blank]? I'm new to all this so maybe there's something I'm missing about how this is supposed to be an improvement on a base level. :lol:


My current process is terrible. Making me really wish AS3 never happened. I'm only coding this way to stay viable. My deadlines are now sweaty nightmares of coding marco polo. :cry:

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Your question is about AS3 in general, right? Not specifically TweenLite?


When I was moving from AS2 to AS3, it was really uncomfortable for a while. AS3 seemed so much more cumbersome, verbose, and annoying with all the compiler errors. I think everyone feels that way when going through the transition. But trust me, after having come through it, I can honestly say AS3 is a huge improvement and I'd never want to go back to AS2. EVER. Try to embrace the compiler errors because they are there to help you identify problems in your code. AS2 was very permissive and just allowed all sorts of crappy code. AS3 doesn't. It will make you a better developer. 6 months or a year from now, you'll look back on this with a smile, thankful that you made the move to AS3.


One small piece of good news is that at least you don't have to worry about changing the way you work with TweenLite/Max - they use the same syntax and have the same feature set as in AS2. :)

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Very true, and yes this is not a rant at TweenLite. TweenLite is the best thing that happened to Flash since sliced bread...Wait, that doesn't make any sense.


You know what I mean.


It's not so much the understanding the compiler errors, or the package class structures which I've pretty much bombed AS.org with questions. It's just the whole like idiodacy of commenting out basic functions and objects. There should be some sort publish setting to allow commenting out to actually work. :lol:


I'm cool with putting everything in one timeline etc. It's just the whole like, "Oops I forgot something". Now I'm dealing with a house of cards and it's just...stupid to me that this is necessary.


I think all the datatyping, and class definitions are just fine. It's just I wish I had a better approach to scripting in AS3 so I didn't run into this so much.


I'm guessing for the most part it's a ranting rhetorical question, but :roll: I felt like I just needed to say something.


As I still thin there's definite room for improvement. I'm working on a banner campaign that would work much better in a frame-based setup. But I'm trying to learn AS3, and AS3 and timelines sound like a real-time jungle gym to me. So...Anyway, thanks for reading my rant. :D

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One thing I've found that works as a great alternative to trying to turn things on and off is to make them invisible. That seems to save a good deal of time.

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Let me give you the perspective from the other side: some people, like me, didn't dare to pick AS2 because it was just not up to the standard. Actually (although I find this a strange elistist atittude) some coders still think AS3 is sub-par.


AS3 now follows a standard and it is in fact a fantastic scripting language. The problem is AS2 gave a lot of power by being just permissive. AS3 gives more power, but you have to do it properly. I believe the issue is the moving from one to the other.


I hope all goes fine with your project and that time will help you get used to a more strict yet better way of coding. :)

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