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TimelineLite stagger functions undefined when npm import ?

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quick question.. hopefully :)


I was a 100% sure TimelineLite has .stagger functions and so do the docs.


But when I import them with npm, they are undefined


This is in a Gatsby (react) project with gsap 2.1.2


`console.log(TimelineLite.staggerTo) `


Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 14.12.16.png

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The problem is that you can only call staggerTo() on a TimelineLite that you have instantiated

var tl = new TimelineLite();

tl.staggerTo('things', 1, {x:200}, 0.2);


There's nothing in your code that explains why TimelineLite isn't loading. Please be sure to follow the methods described in the NPM usage guide: https://greensock.com/docs/NPMUsage

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ahhh! I'm happy it was a quick answer indeed :)

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