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Frame rendering

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I would like to render a timeline frame by frame, say using the time() function. After I call the time() function with the frame number is there an event that tells me when all the elements on the timeline have finished rendering this frame?

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Well all the rendering would happen right away if you set the time(), so you don't really need a callback. But there is an onUpdate callback available on tweens as well as on timelines. 


Does that answer your question? 

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Not sure that has been my experience. If I take a snapshot of the root object in the animation after the time() call I have found the rendering to be incomplete. Typically I have had to do the time() call and then use a timer to wait for about 300 msecs before taking the snapshot.

I don't think the onUpdate is the answer as the renders are queued and happen later.

I have also tried using the OnCompleteRenderPlugin but it only fires at the end of the timeline not after each frame.

I am just trying to understand if there is a better method other than the wait or a way to optimise the wait.

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Hm, I can't imagine why you'd be seeing a delay like that. I'm pretty confident it's not related to GSAP. When you set the time(), GSAP will set all the values that need to be set, but if the Flash Player isn't rendering things promptly, that's a different issue that you'd need to talk to Adobe about. I'm not sure what else I can offer here. 

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No problem. I agree this is a rendering issue. I think I will follow the idea used by the OnCompleteRenderPlugin.

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