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GSAP Default Frame Rate

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Hey GreenSock,


Have a media spec sheet that is asking for the FPS to be 24, what is the default FPS and where can it be found in the Docs?



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The default frame rate is determined by the browser and is typically 60fps (but it depends on the user's monitor Hz). You can set a cap like:


TweenLite.ticker.fps(24); //caps at 24


Does that help? 

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Are you referring to the IAB specs that specify a max frame rate of 24? https://iabcanada.com/content/uploads/files/IABCanada-AdGuidelines-English.pdf


I've been dev'ing banners for years on ad platforms like DoubleClick, Sizmek and AdGear and have never had a scenario where I had to change the frame rate using Jack's or other methods. Banners made with GSAP or other tools should meet the specs for most if not all ad networks out there. Video files are a different story though and you'd have to change that in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, etc.


The only scenario I can think of where you might have to change the frame rate would be where you're animating large numbers of elements at the same time and / or very quickly. In that case, it might be better to simplify the design and / or animation because you can never be sure of what the end user's device is going to be doing while the banner is playing. If your animation is too complex the end user might experience choppy performance.

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I've seen those spec sheets and I'm convinced they're old holdover relics from days gone by. Either that, or they refer to video. I think you're safe to ignore that.

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