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How does GSAP with Safari?

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Hi there, 


i am looking for a powerful and reliable animation framework, (did flash for 10 years) especially responsive and highly SVGs, for web production. Looking at your page with Safari 12.0.03, there is not much animation happening here, compared to Firefox visit. Did i mess up my browser? Does Greensock support Safari at all?

I would appreciate very much some really critical views on that topic.




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Hi Franz,


Welcome to the forums!


GSAP does support Safari. The homepage of this site is not rife with animation maybe what you want to do is visit a site like CodePen and look around there for pens that use

See the Pen by search (@search) on CodePen

(search also for

See the Pen by search (@search) on CodePen

, people tag their pens with either of those labels)  in the Safari browser. You'll see how reliably it performs across different browsers.


Let us know if you have any specific questions.

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Thanks for your reply, 

codepens didn't go  very well either, with many black examples. But Opera does good so far and it looks much like a messed up browser (lots of anti-tracking and other minor issues).


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Really? Can you point me to one that you see black/broken?


I check my stuff against Safari as well as Edge/IE11 and to me, my stuff works.


Opera Mini is the one that will really break stuff but that's by their design. It will strip out everything down to the text-only as far as I hear.


The bellow is a Pen of mine, I just opened it in Safari on my Mac and all was good. Does it break for you?



See the Pen PmywQb by dipscom (@dipscom) on CodePen


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after cleaning up blocking extensions and removing "content blocking" in safari settings everything works like a charme, thank you!

I think i'll join the club...

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Ah... Yes... Blocking extensions do play a role.


Welcome to the club!


Any other questions, open up a new thread. We're all here to help.

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