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Random Repeat Delay Issue

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Hi Guys, 


I'm trying to create a timeline that has an infinite repeat, but the time between repeats is random every time (basically I've created a little timeline of some wind blowing through some plants, but I want the wind to appear random). I've done this with an eventCallback using onRepeat and a function that sets the repeatDelay every time. It's going mad though so I must be doing something wrong. I want it to play the animation through each time and then have a random amount of time between plays. My little codepen recreates the issue. Any ideas?




See the Pen LqbJgG by padders1980 (@padders1980) on CodePen

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In general is not recommended to fiddle with the values of a GSAP instance, is better to either create it again with the new values or, in your case, use other alternatives.


The best approach I can think of is use a .call() method in the timeline when is completed to call a function that will restart the timeline after a random amount of time:


var Box = new TimelineMax({ paused: true });

  .to($('#square'), 1, {rotation:45})

function randomDelay() {
  var newDelay = Math.random() * 3;
  TweenLite.delayedCall(newDelay, function() {
  console.log("repeat after: ", newDelay);


Also I see @mikel here, so He's probably working on a great solution as well, so don't just take my advice and wait for His as well.


Happy Tweening!!

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That's brilliant guys, I've used a combination of both of them and it works beautifully :)


Thanks again.

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Sounds like the guys already provided solid answers but here's one more simple approach:


var Box = new TimelineLite({
  onComplete:function() {
    TweenLite.delayedCall(Math.random() * 3, Box.restart, null, Box);
Box.to("#square", 1, {rotation:45});


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