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How to use GSAP Draggable snap: inside onRelease: function(){}

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I have an application which runs on embedded browser. It has a scroll area where draggable is used for swipe animation. I am using snap: snapPoints(is an array) to align the scrolling content in particular points. snap works fine while user drags. But when the user touch on the scroll bar drag is not happening and the snap: does not work. Is there any way to trigger the snap: on onRelease? Below is my darggable initialization code.

Draggable.create("#scroller", {
    type: "scroll",
    bounds: "#scroller",
    throwProps: true,
    throwResistance: 9000,
    overshootTolerance: 0,
    allowEventDefault: true,
    snap: snapPoints,
    onRelease: function () {
        //any way to trigger snap: snapPoints here?


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If I understand your question correctly, no, sorry, there isn't a built-in way to do that. You could just find the closest value in your array and tween there. 

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