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animating text in scrollmagic pins with greensock

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I'll start with what I want to achieve -> https://www.apple.com/iphone-xr/


On this page, in certain sections, you notice that the background will stay in place as you scroll and text will start coming up from the bottom. I am trying to recreate this with scrollmagic and greensock (unsure if these are the best tools for the job either, first time i try something like this)


So What i thought I should be doing and have tried is having my text inside a div positioned at the bottom of the screen with `transform: translateY(100vh) and as i scroll, make greensock go from text being on the bottom to scrolling to the top but have not been successful.


I'm very unsure about the part where I create the scene with greensock using setTween.

See the Pen PXarPz by andrewchar (@andrewchar) on CodePen

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Hi @andrewchar,


It appears the scripts in your CodePen aren't linking up correctly. It works best to add the scripts by clicking the gear icon next to the JS section in your codepen.


The effects you're looking for should be achievable with SM and GSAP.

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