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how tween with hex colors ? [solved]

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hey guys , how gsap work to tween with hex colors tint ?
i get weird result.

    cs.tint = 0xffffff; // default
        TweenLite.to(cs, 0.6, {
        tint: 0x228200, // green
        ease: Power4.easeOut,




Existe a native method to compute hex color transition and keep green transition?


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yes this look perfect for me thank a lot for your fast answer.

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Hi @jonForum 


If you're using PixiJS, the PixiPlugin can handle all your coloring needs and more.


var tl = new TimelineMax({ repeat: -1, yoyo: true })
  .to(sprite, 1, { pixi: { tint: "#ff0" }})
  .to(sprite, 1, { pixi: { tint: 0x2196F3 }})
  .to(sprite, 1, { pixi: { tint: "hsl(180, 90%, 60%)" }})
  .to(sprite, 1, { pixi: { tint: "rgb(236, 64, 122)" }});



See the Pen GPrRoM by osublake (@osublake) on CodePen




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