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'objects' tweening 'towards' you

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Hi there


First, may I say what an excellent tool this is and thank you!


I have looked through the forums and not found anything similar to this question,

but please forgive me if I have overlooked it. This is a bit new to me.


I am trying to create a game where various random objects are 'thrown' at you from

a distance and the user has to avoid certain objects and catch others. I am looking for the correct

tweening process to emulate the arc and scaling which would occur if these objects were

being 'tossed' at you you from random spots across the stage (say...400 or 500 width, give or take)

Has anyone come across this before? If so, could you possibly point me in the right direction?


Thank you very much in advance,


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It sounds like you're just talking about tweening an object's z property (only possible when targeting Flash Player 10 or above). If you want physics effects, you can use the physics2D plugin which you can see in the Plugin Explorer (Club GreenSock members only). Or you could do a bezier tween. Again, there's an example in the Plugin Explorer.


Have fun.

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