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how to edit a lottie.js bodymoving animation

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I took some principles I learned on codedrops and combined a few different animations and inspirations from some other artists I found on codepen into one UI that I created for a friend who is a designer. 

He doesnt like the colors. the background gradient is easy enough to change. however how do I modify the colors from the lottie.js import? please describe the steps.

P.S. I did recently purchase after effects, but I am a novice, which steps should I take to do it? 


Edit: click the menu to see the transition animation whose colors I wish to change. 

See the Pen GwLrQJ by kravmaguy (@kravmaguy) on CodePen

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Sorry, I'm not familiar with lottie.js or bodymovin', and they are not GreenSock products.

This probably isn't the best place for questions about those tools. 


If you have a question related to the GSAP API, we'll do our best to help.

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