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particles : Animate CC + GSAP

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first of all sorry there will not be a codepen as it's specific to Animate CC.

I'm not very experienced in canvas coding and particle effects... so I found some code and tried to adapt it to work in A.CC, you'll find the project attached.


Now my questions are :

  • how get rid of the trail, as it draws a new circle every time and doesn't delete the old one, I don't get how to do it in the code.
  • wouldn't it be easier with a TweenMax for each particle to move around, and remove this draw update that is used now? But how to do it? again i'm lost in this code ?


Thank you


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This is the best I can do for you right now:


for (var i = 0; i < 200; i++) {
    var p = new lib.Particle();
    TweenMax.to(p, 1, {x:400 + Math.random() * 400, y:400 + Math.random() * 400, delay:i * 0.01, repeat:-1})    


please see the attached fla. it should be a good start.



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note: edited the response above with files

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Great, thanks Carl, indeed much easier than what I had ?

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