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How to fix this bug? What cause it?

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Hello, guys! 


Recently started to use GSAP in my apps, and I can't stop enjoying it. Still exploring it, so time to time have some issues. Like this.


If you click logo FAST multiple times then it's broken! 


See the Pen bQPXRB by dubdub (@dubdub) on CodePen


Looks like GSAP doesn't clean up transitions, if new animation happens before previous completed? How do I handle situations like this? 

See the Pen bQPXRB by dubdub (@dubdub) on CodePen

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I updated the link, for some reason it was broken by forum formatting.

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It's not a bug. That's what happens when you interrupt a from animation. If the scale is at 0.1 when you interrupt the animation, it's going to animate the scale from 0 to 0.1.


Try this.


// You can set this when mounted
TweenLite.set(".es-bubble", {
  transformOrigin: 'bottom bottom',
TweenMax.staggerFromTo('.es-bubble', 1, {
  scale: 0,
  opacity: 0,
}, {
  scale: 1,
  opacity: 1,        
  ease: Elastic.easeOut,
 // force3D: true // doesn't work on SVG
}, 0.1)


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@OSUblake that's perfect! Thank you very much!


After Anime.js, where I needed to clean up manually situations like this, this feels like a breath of fresh air ?


I guess I need to rephrase title? I meant a bug in my application code, not really GSAP 

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