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Water Ripple - Constant Loop

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Hello all,


I've been trying to replicate this codepen in GSAP. I swear I've tried everything and cannot get it working. It seems like everything I try, the animation can never start again, until it ends. I've tried using 3 separate timelines - I just can't seem to get it working. Any help would be appreciated.


Here's my best attempt - https://codepen.io/fencepencil/pen/MzMjzP

See the Pen wQLzrJ by fencepencil (@fencepencil) on CodePen

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49 minutes ago, PointC said:

Hi @fencepencil :)


How about something like this?


See the Pen dQBOmR by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen

Does that help? Happy tweening.




A for loop - Genius! I think this gives me enough to work with. Now I'm wondering why I didn't think of looping ...


Thanks Craig!

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