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Box Flip effect

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I'm a total noob with GSAP and javascript. I was wondering if there is a similar function to replicate the effect on the pen. The flipping box will contain an image and flip to the next image, and so on...

See the Pen hJDlA by robbue (@robbue) on CodePen

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Sure, this is totally doable. It looks like it's pretty much animating rotationX. Are you asking someone to build it for you? Based on your other post, I'm not quite sure what you're expecting. We're happy to answer GSAP-specific questions here, but we don't have the resources to do custom consulting work or build entire solutions out for people. Perhaps a good place to start is either some video courses (there are tons of options) or if you're in a time crunch, it may be time to hire an expert to show you the ropes (or do the project for you). Feel free to post in the Jobs & Freelance forum

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Check out Dom3D, then use GSAP to animate!


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