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Timelinemax and run duration for acceptance tests

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I am wondering if there is a nice and simple way to set all tweens duration of a timeline  to 0 so it does not animate anything but instead applies the props instantly and other timelines.


Essentially go to the end without animation anything.


I created a codepen which uses seek to do this sort of thing, would this be the right approach or is there something more elegant?

See the Pen yQRrYO by teejayhh (@teejayhh) on CodePen

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Hi @teejay_hh,


You can the .progress() method to make the timeline jump to any point in the timeline's progress (0 being the start, 1 being the end, .5 being the halfway point).


See the Pen aQRxGY by sgorneau (@sgorneau) on CodePen


Hope this helps!

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