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Stagger issue, 2 elements animating without delay

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As you can see I have 3 elements with the same class. At the start of animation 2 of them starting instantaneously and only third one after a desired delay. How to fix that?

See the Pen rQKber by olhapi (@olhapi) on CodePen

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Please check the stagger type in the docs.



stagger: Number


These are not the same.


'0.4' !== 0.4


Try this. There is no need to specify an ease in the from object.


TweenMax.staggerFromTo('.js-svg-roll', 1, {
  opacity: 1, 
  rotation: -4, 
  x: -32,
}, {
  opacity: 1, 
  rotation: 0, 
  x: 0, 
  ease: Back.easeOut.config(1.7),
}, 0.4);



This is also going to cause problems.


.js-svg-roll {
  transform-origin: bottom left;



You should use GSAP to set transforms and any transform origins  you plan to animate.




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