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Fullscreen sliders horizontal and vertical

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Hey everyone :)

We’re rolling up on Thanksgiving here in America, so I thought I’d say how thankful I am for this forum. You’re a terrific group of people and one AI. I’m so glad I started participating a few years ago. It’s truly been life changing.


As a thank you, I’m gonna drop a couple sliders here for the community. I know there are umpteen ways to make a slider, but this is my take on it. I added multiple control types and linked the nav dots animation to the draggable element for a bit of fun. 


We often have questions about sliders so hopefully these will be a good jumping-off point for someone.


Happy Tweensgiving




See the Pen YRzRyM by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen

See the Pen MzWzyv by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen


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Very slick, @PointC. Thanks for sharing and for being such a central part of the GreenSock community. No doubt these demos will serve people well. 

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@PointC These look really great. I'm a little new to GSAP but this is exactly what I was looking for (and then some).


Quick question, since I don't need the drag & throw on desktop (and it relies on premium features, as far as I know) is there some other way to trigger the slider on mobile? Was really inspired by the slider transitions on noformat.com, and was hoping to build something similar :)

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Hey! thank you so much for this, so i´m trying to use the slider, but the draggable feature is not working, can you tell me what am I doing wrong? @PointC

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Are you saying Draggable isn't working for you in my demos? Or do you mean that you forked the demos, made changes and now it's not working?

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