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Adding a new slide to THREE image transition

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I found the codepen from a mention by @Carl on this thread and am implementing it into a project right now. I'm struggling with figuring out how to add more slides to it. Currently the example has 2 images. I'm looking to add more slides to it. The project will feature a series of images with this effect. 


I figured it would be something like adding  


var slide2 = new Slide(width, height, 'out'); ....

var slide3 = new Slide(width, height, 'in'); ...


and then adding it to the timeline however it doesn't seem to be working and this is my first experience with three.js


can I get some guidance on how I can add more slides to this effect?



See the Pen PNXbGo by zadvorsky (@zadvorsky) on CodePen

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I think your best bet would be to reach out to the author of that demo. He's extremely advanced and I suspect he wrote it in a way that could be extended without much trouble.


We really have to keep our support focused on questions related to the GSAP API. Digging into hundreds of lines of code that we didn't write can be quite time-consuming and something that we just don't have the resources for. 


Perhaps someone else will stumble into this and enjoy the challenge.




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I know that demo, I've read over its code and took it apart at some point in the past.


It runs off shaders and as Carl has said, it's not for beginners. It was not designed to work out of the box by simply creating a new Slide. You will need to tinker in the code that informs the shader what to do as well as the calculations to break apart the images and which image to show.


If this is your first attempt to work with ThreeJS, you will need to dive into shaders as well The Book Of Shaders is a great starting point even if it is an unfinished book.

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