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I'm trying to create a metric (types). It has 3 parts, each with three markers. Markers (red), low markers (left gray), and high markers (must be grayed out).

Each marker will involve a number within a scope (I want to connect to the DB later).

When a group is clicked, all markers will create an effect for a position that has changed (based on another number).

How difficult is this easy to do with gsap?

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Hi and Welcome to the GreenSock forums.


Unfortunately is not very clear (to me at least) what you're trying to achieve.


Please take a look at this in order to create a reduced sample of your issue or an approximation of what you have in mind so we can better help you:



Happy Tweening!!

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Yeah, I read the post at least 5 times and I'm lost. We'd love to help, but like @Rodrigo said, a demo would REALLY help.


As for how easy something would be in GSAP, it'll pretty much handle any animation task you throw at it. Just keep in mind that it's an animation library - it's not an app framework or anything like that. 


Happy tweening!

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