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Image Slice Slider With Gsap

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How can I achieve this scroll animation slider like this  acme-experience.com.  i just want to know the flow and how i incorporate this animation with Tween Max.  I want to do this animation for single image which is should be Slice effect as like as this site when scroll. Expecting help from you .

Thank you 

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Hi @Raydoan. Welcome to the forums. 


Unfortunately, we just don't have the resources to analyze a live site and then tell you exactly how to reproduce it on your own. That's a big task. If you have a specific question about GSAP or its API, we'd be happy to help. Typically you will get the best results here if you post a reduced test case as a codepen example so that we can see what you're doing and troubleshoot accordingly. 


Happy tweening!

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@GreenSock Thanks for you suggestion . I understood that without codepen snippet it's problem to figure out it . but i actually  don't understand how can i start to work on this. How they could. There is no API and valid source code on there so that i can understand there workflow. But it's important for me to implement. 

Thanks again

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Perhaps it would be appropriate to hire an expert to help you out. Or analyze the source code to see what they did? 


Good luck with the project. 

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