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Mobile scrolling mobile huawei not working !

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In the site there is a part of horizontal scrolling and when you get in the cabinet the scroll becomes vertical. The scroll does not work on huawei mobile phones. I do not know what the problem is. I put the code I used for the horizontal scroll



        var $window = $(window);		

        var scrollTime = 1.2;			
        var scrollDistance = 300;		

        $window.on("mousewheel DOMMouseScroll", function(event){


          var delta = event.originalEvent.wheelDelta/120 || -event.originalEvent.detail/3;
          var scrollLeft = $window.scrollLeft();
          var finalScroll = scrollLeft - parseInt(delta*scrollDistance);

          TweenMax.to($window, scrollTime, {
            scrollTo : { x: finalScroll, autoKill:true },
              ease: Power1.easeOut,	
              autoKill: true,
              overwrite: 5


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I'm pretty sure that code won't work on most phones. Phones typically don't have a mouse wheel. 


And mousewheel and DOMMouseScroll are non-standard events. You should probably use wheel instead. Of course that still won't work for mobile.

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