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Animating svg drop shadow

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to animate this svg to give the effect as it lifted off the background. In this pen I tried to animate the scale and the drop shadow and the animation is triggered with scrollmagic. 


I have set the initial drop shadow in the CSS as advised by Dipscom here but the drop shadow doesn't animate.


What am I doing wrong?


If this effect can't be achieved this way is there another way to approach it?


thank you


See the Pen gByBvR by Jp_uk (@Jp_uk) on CodePen

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Hi @jp_uk81


There's a problem with the order in certain browsers. For example, Chrome reports the color first.


element.style {
  filter: drop-shadow(rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1) 0px 0px 14px);



My workaround, use CSS variables.


See the Pen vVMPmp by osublake (@osublake) on CodePen


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That's great! thank you for your help


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Hi Guys, 

the above work well on the codepen but on my site the animation is really jerky, in particular when you click the down arrow to scroll down to the section with the animate V. While the window is scrolling it stops for a moment and then carries on to the bottom. 

What could cause this?

Thank you


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Are you using a HiDPI monitor, like retina, 4k, 5k. Those can kill performance, particularly with something that is costly to render like a drop shadow.


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I'm using a led-backlit display with IPS technology (27"). I thought the poor perfomance was code related. If is because of the display then I'll just have to live with it. Thank you! 

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