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Perspective on SVG transform

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Hi all
I am developing an animation software.
To deploy an animation also to the web I wrote a plugin which renders SVG and uses GSAP to animate values.
Btw...you greensocks are doing a great job <3
Now I added the possibility to add 3d transformations but I get stuck with the perspective in rotationx/y.
Is it possible to have a perspective for SVG at all?
The output should look like the screenshot.


See the Pen ReovMj by Artanidos (@Artanidos) on CodePen

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Firefox is the only browser that supports 3d for SVG, but it's very limited. You can wrap your SVG in a div, and animate the div instead.

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Thank you very much OSUblake.
I was able to reproduce the same output in HTML.
I had to stack a couple of divs in order to get the same result.

A bit tricky :-)

See the Pen gBgYLG by Artanidos (@Artanidos) on CodePen


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