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Dilpreet Singh

Is it possible to generate MP4 from GSAP animations

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I'm trying to create a web based tool to generate animated videos. Is it possible to use GSAP to render videos? If not can someone suggest an alternative?

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


GSAP doesn't natively do anything to output MP4 video, but there are a few tools out there that can scrape the rendered frames and create a video.

This thread here is a good start, be sure to click on the links to other threads and demos



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One alternative that I can think of is using Adobe After Effects with nexrender and the solution by Blake to create an MP4 video.


I created a small Node app that was used in a client machine (no server, but you can easily deploy it) that basically was getting images from an AWS bucket. The idea was to create a project with two parameters, a bucket for storing the images and a flag to start the rendering process, so after all the images were uploaded the user set the state of the project from upload to render and the Node app listened to that state change, downloaded the images, and started the nexrender process. When that was completed it uploaded the video generated from After Effects.

Here's the nexrender repo



And here's a ready-bake boilerplate (this is the one used in the project I worked on):



Unfortunately because of an NDA I can't share any of that code, but the nexrender setup is quite simple actually and they have some pretty good docs and the Node part of this is quite simple as well. The tricky part (that I didn't do actually) is the configuration of the AE file for creating the resulting video with the images. But is one way to automatize the whole process.


Although is worth mentioning that the videos that the app I worked on, weren't based on frames, they were just some fade in/out of images with a background sound and some other effects, but again I worked only on the Node side of this so I couldn't tell you how to work on that part, so you'll have to rely on what the guys in nexrender could tell you. But perhaps there is a way to turn a bunch of frames into a video using AE.


Hope this helps a little.

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