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Mike D

xPercent, yPercent outputting pixel values

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Hi all,


I'm running GSAP v1.19.x and according to the docs x/yPercent has been supported since 1.13.x. What's strange is I created a codepen with version 1.19.x and it works just fine. The ask here I guess is - what, if anything, in the way of css styles or tween attributes could override or somehow prevent x/yPercent from outputting percentages?


Thanks and sorry kind of a random question here.


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One other note, I'm using TimelineLite in my app, and I also used TimelineLite in my codpen - where things are working fine.

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Hm, that's really tough to diagnose blind. Got a demo somewhere we can peek at? 


I'm having a really difficult time thinking of what'd be getting in the way unless you're targeting the wrong element or something(?)


Or maybe you're using a really old version of CSSPlugin but a newer version of TimelineLite? I dunno. Once we see the problem in action, it'll be much easier to diagnose. Have you tried updating to 2.0.2?

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