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GreenSock or PixiJS

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Hi Guys,


I'm going to start work with game developing with best UI. But i confused which platform is best. because i heard about pixiJs or greensock as well can you please suggest to me which is the best.



Divyesh Padamani

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It is not really GSAP vs Pixi JS. They work together. Pixi JS will render everything to canvas.


GSAP will handle the animation for you. GSAP animates any numerical values of objects so it works with PIXI JS really well. Some of properties of Pixi JS are under multiple objects like, pixiObject.scale.x so pixiPlugin simplifies your syntax.




There are some other plugins that will make your life easier.








Here is basic example of how you can use GSAP to animate PIXI objects. If your confusion was if you should use HTML or Pixi JS then, Pixi JS is ideal for game development.


See the Pen vzEQQy?editors=1010 by Sahil89 (@Sahil89) on CodePen



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Thanks Sahil,


Its really become helpfull to me because i just understand these both are different platform for making animated application?.

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