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Google Ad Manager

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Good afternoon all,


I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Google Ad Manager.  For exits does it use clickTag like DCM or Exit Events like DCRM?  Or does it have it's own API?


I am unfamiliar with this platform, and it appears to be only a couple months old.  In a quick google search I completed the only documentation I can find is Use Google Web Designer, and select "Google Ad Manager" under Environments.  No Developer Documentation or code examples for doing it by hand.


These banners have already been created for DCM and use GS for animation and I now need too prepare them for an additional buy through Google Ad Manager.  I'm looking to avoid using GWD if at all possible because I don't think it is feasible.  The new buy has a max file size of 100k where as the other one was 200k.   I'm already looking at having to reduce file size before adding the bloat that GWD creates.


If anyone knows how to set up exits that work properly and are tracked through Google Ad Manager I would appreciate any help I can get.







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Sorry, Chris, but I'm not familiar with Google Ad Manager at all, but perhaps someone else here can chime in with some knowledge. Happy tweening!

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Google Ad Manager is just a rebrand of DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP).  ClickTag guidelines are here and they're the same as DCM.

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