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3D Transforms not working in Safari / Firefox / IE11

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Hi guys,

for some reason I can't get the 3d transform perspective working on my splittext animation - see codepen...

It only seems to be working in Chrome / Mac. Any ideas?



See the Pen wxRGJa by dada78 (@dada78) on CodePen

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I think I found the answer by adding the perspective with browser prefixes to the css:

  -webkit-perspective: 200px;
		-ms-perspective: 200px;
		perspective: 200px;


See the Pen YjdpRo by dada78 (@dada78) on CodePen


Still wondering why it wouldn't work if I just have the perspective set on the banner div? Thanks!

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Hi @dada78 :)


The reason it didn't work on the banner element is because it's not the parent. When you split the text into divs, the #txt1 element is the parent of all those new divs. If you set the perspective to 200 on the #txt1 div you'll see that it works without the extra CSS browser prefixes. 


See the Pen jpXyvp by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen


Also note that's exactly what you were doing with your extra CSS. You added them to the #txt1 div and not to the banner. That's why it worked. Hopefully that makes sense. Happy tweening.



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Thanks @PointC!


I tried 


.set(txt1, {perspective:200})


before by using the variable name, but that didn't work, so I didn't even try applying it to the element id, because shouldn't it work the same way when using the variable name instead?


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The variable txt1 and the element #txt1 are not the same in this case. The variable txt1 is an {object}.


Try a console.log(txt1) and you'll see the chars array, elements array and all the other properties that make up the SplitText. Does that make sense?


Happy tweening.



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Ahhhh! Dang that makes perfect sense! Thanks @PointC

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