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SVG animation not working on site

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Starting to fiddle with Tweenmax, im trying to get a simple animation working on my website. My animation is working properly on codepen, but not on my wordpress website (using svg support plugin). There are no errors in the console. but nothing happens on the website, im left with a still image of my svg. I think it has something to do with the fact that the javascript files are loaded by the parent page in which the svg is embedded (inline). I can't figure out a solution for this problem. Can anyone help ? Thanks


an example of the banner on the page can be found here.



See the Pen OwbOOR by imadelhaj (@imadelhaj) on CodePen

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These threads may help:

Happy tweening.



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Just found a workaround.


As far as iknow Svg animation won't work with files uploaded via any file uploader plugin (i.e wordpress plugin that help you manage svg files through the media uploader). Even if the svg is rendered inline. The only way i got it to work is by inserting the code directly in the page via using shortcodes.

If someone has any thoughts, it would be great to hear them.


Thank you

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