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SVG Text Tip: Animate Individual Characters

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Hey fellow GreenSockers,

A quick tip for animating SVG text by character.

Have you ever wanted to animate the individual characters of some SVG text? SplitText is a fantastic plugin but doesn’t work with SVG text nodes. You can wrap your individual letters in <tspan> elements, but that doesn’t give you a whole lot of control or options.

However, you can break a string into individual characters, add them to individual text nodes and line them up in the SVG so they look like a complete word. You can now control the animation for each character and you have almost every animatable property available to you.

It’s certainly not as good as SplitText but can work well when you need it. Happy tweening.


See the Pen jpEdBd by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen


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Sweet demo!

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