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Yaniv Nagar

Is is possible to have a different reverse timeline?

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Hello All,


if I have a timeline, that has 4 tweens for different elements, can I state that reversing it will have a different tween properties for one of the tweens?


For example: I have 3 divs alternating x ([700px,-700px]) with cycle. I want to make is so that on the reverse, they will alternate using y (y:[700px,-700px]).


Is it possible to define a different from/to properties only for the reverse method?



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No, that isn't something that reverse() allows. My suggestion would be to create a new timeline each time you play() from the beginning or reverse() from the end.

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Only a sporting challenge.
But, what's my mistake with the timeline 'go'  ?


See the Pen GGaaqK by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


Kind regards




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A tween can't exist in two places at the same time - you put 2 of the tweens in two different timelines. So they got removed from the first one and put into the second one. A tween can only have one parent. See what I mean?

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