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Help with Video Component in Adobe Animate

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Hi all,


Desperately in need of some help and advice if possible please. I'm a designer, yet HTML, coding and Adobe Animate are all very new to me and I have an important deadline looming large with no solution in sight.


So the issue is, I've created a bunch of ad units in Animate as I had no coding experience, these all work fine except for one (big) issue I can't get the video content to play. I've added a video component and added the URL into the source section. Yet I keep getting the error message (NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound : Adobe Flash tried to play a live or recorded stream that does not exist. Source can't be found.) Yet the video seems to be included in the banner as when I publish it, then right click on where the video is supposed to be, I can right click and open video in new window, it then plays in the new window. Likewise if in the component source I upload it locally from my desktop this plays in the published banner fine. I just can't work out why its not playing from a URL link?


Any help would be massively appreciated...

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Sorry to hear about the frustration with the deadline looming. I know the feeling - it ain't fun. 


I wish I had an answer for you, but we really try to keep these forums focused on GSAP-specific questions, not general banner ad production help. Maybe someone else here wants to chime in (which is great), but otherwise I'd recommend posting in another more appropriate forum. If you've got a GSAP-related question, we'd be happy to help. 

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Difficult to tell what it could be without having an example posted or the authoring files on hand. Perhaps try uploading all the files to a server and then checking it. Worst case, you can always just pop an HTML video tag on top of the canvas tag that Animate generates and use that instead of the video component.

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I have had video play in banners using the Youtube API or just the HTML5 video tag. If you send me your email address, I will send you the modified HTML file that combines the video with the Animate generated HTML file. Back in the actionscript FLV days, videos did stream from Flash servers. I may be wrong, but Netstream seems to apply to actionscript. 


I used the DCM HTML5 validator and determined that including a video in your zip fails. So both successful video banner campaigns, had video residing elsewhere. (Youtube or AWS or Doubleclick Studio assets.

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