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Aphalina Animator v1.2 is launched - create SVG+GSAP in visual tool

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Aphalina Animator is a visual authoring tool that produces human-readable gsap + svg code.
I just launched version 1.2 with some new features: path motion, hand-drawing imitation, clip masks, sprite sheets, sequence animations (similar to GSAP staging). It is paid app but can be used for free for non-commercial projects.


Project link is  aphalina.com. Any feedback is highly appreciated!


See the Pen MXpaeM by aphalina (@aphalina) on CodePen

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Congrats on the launch!


Looks like a very powerful tool.

I'm on a Mac so I can't test it at the moment. 


Do you have any Getting Started tutorials or videos?  It would be great to see how some basic animations are built start-to-finish.


Wishing you success with this!


Would love to hear what other users think of it.

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Looks very promising. I'm on a mac workflow as well so unfortunatley I can' t test drive it right now. Do you have any plans of porting it to OSX?

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Thank you for feedback! 


Yes, I want to port this app to Mac in the future but at the moment I focused on Windows version so can't promise anything.


Unfortunately, no tutorials yet. I'm going to hire a technical writer for this task as soon as possible - hope will fill this void soon.



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