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Safari issue when tweening 'stop-color' of the SVG gradient

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Hey guys. Another Safari issue here. This probably refers to svg gradients more than the actual Tweenmax, but in case someone had this issue before and knows a workaround?

I'm trying to animate the stop-color of the gradient to create transparency effect,  but in Safari the color is just white with no alpha, and sometimes it doesn't animate at all.

I'm not quite sure what is happening..

Any input would help! Thanks a bunch.

See the Pen ZROWJQ by slyka85 (@slyka85) on CodePen

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I just realized I can animate stop-opacity instead to make it work in Safari. But still curious about the rgba colors though:)

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Yeah, it looks like that's totally unrelated to GSAP - Safari just doesn't honor the alpha of rgba() inside stop-color. I guess in some ways it makes sense because you've got alpha/opacity set in TWO places which could conflict - in the stop-color (with rgba()) AND in stop-opacity. So what if the color is rgba(0,0,0,0.5) and stop-opacity is 1? See the problem? I guess the browser could multiply them or something, but it's a bit confusing. 


I'd recommend exactly what you discovered - animate stop-opacity instead for the opacity and use rgb() colors. 


Make sense? 

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