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Filter and Sort like Isotope....

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Can anyone point me in a solid direction to create something like this. ..

See the Pen dGQxaN by MandyMadeThis (@MandyMadeThis) on CodePen


I'm trying to convert my joomla blog.php into a filterable page. But, I'm getting stuck.
It appears that this example requires an exact match of class
but my classes are based on categories and tags and no two are alike.


My js jquery is at a noob level.

So, i don't even know enough to know what to ask.


Would truly appreciate any insights.


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Hi @ckka:)


Welcome to the GreenSock forum. 


Are you asking how to create the logic for that sort? That would fall beyond the scope of the GreenSock forum as we try to keep the support on GSAP. If you have questions about the actual animations, we'd be happy to assist, but I think your question might be better directed at the Joomla forum.



I have no experience with Joomla, but to provide a basic answer to your question, I'd say you should be able to sort by tag or category. It's just a matter of grabbing the right data to filter. 


If you have GSAP related questions or get stuck while coding the animations, we'll be happy to help. Good luck with your project.


Happy tweening.



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