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more info about the lasted update implications?

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I am using it right now in the old way(1.20.4) without import or anything as simple as:

<script src="tweenlite.js">
<script src="draggable.js">
<script src="tweenlite.js">
  TweenLite.set($elem, {something:something});


after updating to 2.0.0 do I need to change anything? does it now support less browsers?(if yes should we use babel on it?)

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What you are showing should work fine with 2.0.0 in all browsers. Please let us know if you run into any problems.

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Version 2.0.0 has exactly the same browser compatibility as older versions (well, maybe slightly better because we fixed some bugs) :) You should be able to use it without any fear at all. Version 3.0.0 will likely drop support for super old browsers like IE8 in favor of streamlining things, but that's a ways off. 


Happy tweening!

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