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Timeline fail with PIXI filter animations

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Hi guys!

I have some problem tring to animate some PIXI filters inside a timeline with other dom element animations.


I provide a pen with an example of slider.


My goal is to animate blur filter and dom element in the same timeline.

The problem is that in swap Timeline tween with dom element tween doesn't start.


  .fromTo(blurFilter, SWAPTIME, { blur: 10 }, { blur: 0, yoyo: true })
  .fromTo(canvasContainer, SWAPTIME, { scale: 1 }, { scale: 1.1, yoyo: true })


Any suggestions?

Thank you

See the Pen NMmYdj by nicoladelazzari (@nicoladelazzari) on CodePen

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Welcome to the forums. Thanks for letting us know you got it fixed.

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