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Not smooth animations on iPad/iPhone

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Note that I am working on other's implementation, I am not familiar with GSAP yet.

In this animation, when the safe opens... red boxes are coming out of it.

There is a performance issue with these flying boxes. They don't "fly" smoothly only on ios devices (all of them).

This is happening at line 168 in logosDistances.forEach loop.

For the debugging, to ensure that there is no other animation in progress at the same time... I wrapped this tween in a timeout of 3sec.

There is TinyURL for this animation, the: https://tinyurl.com/redredbox

Thank you in advance

See the Pen vjPaNO by dennisat (@dennisat) on CodePen

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


I removed the fill and filter from each logo. See if this runs any better. 


What type of iPhone / iPad are you using (version, iOS)


See the Pen mLoadB?editors=1000 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


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Now it's perfect! I applied this "fill" on the <g> and it looks as I wanted.


Tested on

ipad a1474

iphone 4s


Thanks for your fast response!

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But again what if we need to apply the filter?

This filter is the shadow.

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SVG filters can be very processor intensive which can yield sub-optimal animation results. 

If your logos are all the same size (or aspect ratio), you might do better with a bitmap (png) shadow and place it underneath each logo.

I'm not exactly sure what the best performing alternative would be here.

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