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Particles animation into shape

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Hi to all, i want create an animation based on this script


See the Pen mpxxWe by bartonsweb (@bartonsweb) on CodePen


But I would like to add a function that dynamically changes the number of sides of the geometric shape along which the particles rotate (morph?). It's possible? Can you help me?

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


Our support is focused more on the core features of the GSAP API. As you can imagine it could take many hours to decipher how that code works and then provide a solution for what you are trying to do. 


If the author of that demo is not you, it might be worthwhile to reach out and see if they are willing to help.


There's a chance someone around here may have some idea of how to help, but for practical purposes we can't dedicate our time to trying to solve incredibly complex challenges. If you have a question about the GSAP API, please let us know. We definitely would love to help.








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Tnx Carl,

i have posted the question in this forum because i found this code here. I hope that someone can help me :)

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That demo is from this thread:

I'd recommend reading through that information. After that, you can search the forum for particles and you'll find quite a few threads where Blake works his canvas magic.

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Yes, I'm responsible for that. I never finished the demo I was working on, but morphing into different shapes is what I actually designed it to do. I totally forgot all about making that, so thanks for reminding me. Now I just need to find time to finish it.

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Thank you OSUblake, I hoped there was a quick solution :(

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