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GSAP version specifically for latest Chrome builds for nwjs and Electron?

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I plan to distribute my HTML5 game as a nwjs app and I am using GSAP for all of my animations. I was wondering how much performance would be improved if there was a GSAP version that only targeted the latest Chrome builds for people using nwjs or Electron. Is this worth it? Would it noticeably enhance animation performance due to skipping all feature and version detection? This was just something I was thinking about and I was curious if it was on your (Jack, Carl) radar.

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Nah, I bet you'd never notice a difference at all. Not even a little bit. We've designed things to be very efficient, even the feature detection stuff (most of that runs only once when GSAP loads). 


Let me put it this way: if you look at the overall load that an animation puts on the system, I'd guess that GSAP only accounts for a small portion (2-15%?) whereas the rest is eaten up by browser rendering (reflow, repaint, etc.). So even if we eeked out 5% more performance in GSAP (and there's no way it'd be that high because browser/feature detection is probably well under 1%), the overall gain you'd see would be tiny (5% of 2-15% is 0.1%-0.75%). So even with exaggerated numbers, you're seeing less than 1% improvement. In reality, it'd probably be closer to 0.01%. Nobody will notice that. 


Good question though! 

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