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piyush walia

Interchanging classes doesn't clear previous tween values

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I am working on some sort of animation so I have prepared a demo which relates exactly to the task. I am inter-changing the classes after the first timeline completes and running another timeline when the user clicks the second time.  The problem is when the second timeline is played, the tween adds the previous tween values to the element which I am tweening on the second click.  If you look at the codepen example, when running second timeline i.e home_slide_2, the block_1 element is taking x value from the previous tween making animte both x and y values. Can anyone guide me on this that what I am doing wrong here.

See the Pen gzKPXX by piyushwalia (@piyushwalia) on CodePen

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Hi @piyush walia :)


If I understand your question correctly, I'd recommend using clearProps rather than jQuery's removeAttr() method. I think if you change your reset function a bit, you should see the desired behavior. Please try this:


function reset(){
  TweenLite.set(".block_1, .av2", {clearProps:"all"});


Hopefully that helps. Happy tweening.



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