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Brand New Site & Thank YOU

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After months of learning, and hitting walls, and throwing phones, and punching laptops, I've finally launched one of the most ambitious sites I've ever done.
I learned SO much! And my Javascript skills have improved and evolved immensely.


I'd love to hear your thoughts. Just about everything on this site is animated, and if it isn't text or photography, it's an SVG.

If you see things that can be improved in any way, I'm open to hear about it.


Special thanks to those that have responded to my posts and questions here in the forum:
@OSUblake Big ups for your help with the dynamic ID thing!
 @Sahil, @Carl, @GreenSock You all have helped along the way too! Thanks a ton. 


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Very nice, @WilliamBay! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful site. Thrilled to hear that folks around here played even a small part in helping along the way. 


Keep up the good work!

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@WilliamBay Happy to help! It looks beautiful. Nice work.

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Very nice! Thanks for sharing it here. Happy to hear the support you received was able to make an impact.

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Hey all. Thanks again. I had to take a week off from screens after we launched that site.
Glad you like the site. A lot of effort went into it.

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