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siva nargana

how to loop entire tweenmax animations with onComplete callbacks

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how to repeat this kind of callbacks based animation, I cant repeat this entire animation, each tween start based on callback please answer this problem


TweenMax.to(".div1",0.5,{opacity:1,ease: Linear.easeOut,onComplete: function(){
  TweenMax.to(".div2",0.5,{opacity:1,ease: Linear.easeOut,onComplete: function(){
    TweenMax.to(".div3",0.5,{opacity:1,ease: Linear.easeOut,onComplete: function(){
      TweenMax.to(".div4",0.5,{opacity:1,ease: Linear.easeOut,onComplete: function(){}});

See the Pen XELdmy by sivanargana (@sivanargana) on CodePen

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staggerFrom or staggerTo tweens only for  same class & same animation type,  but I need  different animations  and different class names with callbacks


1st tween run animation -1 (move left to right) on complete -- >

2nd tween run animation -2 (move right to bottom) on complete -- >

3rd tween run animation -3 (move bottom to left) 


See the Pen XELdmy by sivanargana (@sivanargana) on CodePen

 this entire animation should be a repeat is it possible ??

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Is there any reason you're not using a timeline for this?


TweenLite.defaultEase = Linear.easeNone;
var tl = new TimelineMax({repeat:-1});
tl.from(".div1", 0.5, {x:100});
tl.to(".div2", 0.5, {y:100});
tl.from(".div3", 0.5, {scale:2});
tl.from(".div4", 0.5, {rotation:360});


More info:



Also check out the position parameter:



Happy tweening.



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