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Pete Barr

SVG dual stagger causing jitter with an unidentified/unknown activity in devtools

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7 hours ago, Pete Barr said:

Yip, setting and resetting the images to display none when the hero is animating paved over my stagger jitter issue


Hopefully it will work out when the whole thing is finished. I used to use fullpage.js but I found it too restrictive ultimately in the way it scrolljacks the DOM and adds wrappers to things. In it's favour though it has a fairly robust set of callbacks that you can plug into to add your own logic.



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Yeah, the scroll jacking is a little sensitive with a Magic Mouse but the best fit for purpose I could find. I'm mostly plugging into the callbacks to initiate animations outside its own DOM structure so definitely not using it 'straight out of the box'.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Cheers Jack! And thanks again for the help.

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