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[SOLVED] rotation tween is not taking place at current position

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Hello everybody!

I would like to create a small riddle with kind of a dial. I have already created 8 buttons to control some tweens but I encountered a problem with the rotation of the outer number. Every time the outer scale is rotated out of its original position the rotation of the number itself takes place at the "12 o clock" position. When rotating the outer scale again the number jumps back to the new position. I would like to rotate the number by 180 degrees at its current position. Can anyone help me with this, please?


Thanks in advance



See the Pen BrbGzX by Tissi_2 (@Tissi_2) on CodePen

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I think the easiest win here, if I understand correctly, is to just wrap the 6 in another div.

rotate the outer "#number"  for what you are calling scale, and rotate the inner "#number div" for the number to spin around its center


<div id="number" style="position:relative; top:60px; font-size:48px;"><div>6</div></center>


See the Pen BrELLL?editors=1010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Doing multiple transforms on an element and changing the transformOrigin is just generally difficult.

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Wow, that was easy! Thank you so much for the very quick answer! The result is exactly what I wanted to have. I really appreciate it!

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No problem. I love the easy ones ;)

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