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Wave animation: Launch next tween of TimelineMax before the repeatDelay finish

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I am trying to build like a wave animation but using multiple elements, in the pen I left, there are 6 levels with some circles in each level.


The current animation behavior is... each level of elements starts right after the previous one finish but the behavior I want to achieve it's like a fluid wave, so when the first level it's like at 50% of it's animation, the next level should starts and the same for the next levels, so a complete wave will be visible in the timeline and of course when the last level finish, the wave will start again.


Can you help me with that please?

See the Pen xWJdXv by SoldierCorp (@SoldierCorp) on CodePen

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Hi @SoldierCorp :)


Welcome to the forum.


You can also turn that into a loop to tidy things a bit.


See the Pen yKqzBp by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen

Doing that would also give you the option of creating a separate timeline for each group and the first one could restart before the last one ends to create even more of a 'wave' feel. Just my two cents worth. Happy tweening and welcome aboard.




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