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Victor Work

Transition Between Pages with GSAP using BarbaJS

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Hello Gsap'ers,
Another post about the function so requested: Transition between pages using our beloved GSAP.
But unlike the others, instead of questions, I am bringing some answers.

I decided to make a Simple site template with SPA, which I believe will help everyone who is looking for solutions to these tools without having to use a framework.

The activation of transitions is very simple: just click on the photos to go to the corresponding page.

I hope it's useful.


Ps¹: It is necessary to use the BarbaJS lib
Ps²: Some settings are still missing and you can optimize the codes, best experience in Debbug Mode View
Ps³: I'm using the translator hahaha


See the Pen full by Noturnoo (@Noturnoo) on CodePen

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  • Sahil changed the title to Transition Between Pages with GSAP using BarbaJS

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