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Animating SVG mask content

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Hi, I'm having to use an SVG mask (so it works on Explorer)


I wondered how I would animate the containing image, without moving the mask?


See demo

See the Pen gvVEzr by friendlygiraffe (@friendlygiraffe) on CodePen

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Maybe try applying your mask to a group <g> and put your <image> in the <g>.

Then animate the position of the image.


For cases like this I would search CodePen for awhile and try to find an SVG mask demo that works in IE and then try to animate it with TweenMax.

I'm really not up to speed on how all the different versions of IE handle masks and that kind of stuff.

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Sweet! Thanks, Sahil.

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For my two cent addition, I'd recommend groups for all your masked and clip-path elements. Even if it's just one element, creating a group and applying the mask or clip-path to the group is a better approach. IMHO


Happy tweening.



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