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Daniel Park

Animating children directly or parent container element.

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Let's say we have a div that contains two child elements. If we wanted to animate the opacity from 0 => 1, and also the top property from 50 => 0. Is it more efficient to just animate the parent div element or animate each of the children directly?


Some thoughts on this and why?

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I don't think it would make any significant difference, generally animating fewer elements is better. So animating single parent element will be a lot more efficient if you have too many child elements.


Also, instead of animating top or left you should animate x and y whenever possible. Animating top, left causes browser to repaint layout which can give poor performance of you have a lot of things animating. 

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Interesting, that's the same thought process I had.

Yeah I'm using a transform: translateY(100px) instead of the top property. Made the change after inspecting performance in the browser. Cheers!

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